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Exploring the Kleshas and Gunas

How we overcome the obstacles that cause suffering and create more balance in our lives 

The Details

Curious what the kleshas and gunas are all about? Dive into this ancient wisdom in yoga philosophy as we explore the kleshas,  the gunas, and their interconnectedness.


According to Patanjali’s sutras, the kleshas, are the obstacles to our spiritual growth and the reasons why we suffer. While on the other hand, the gunas represent the three fundamental qualities of our nature and all things. Through exploring the gunas we will gain insights into our thought patterns and tendencies.


This workshop aims to not only educate you on these two core concepts, but to also deepen your yoga practice, your knowledge of yoga philosophy, and foster your well-being in everyday life. Don’t miss this chance to discover how to overcome obstacles and cultivate positive qualities that can lead to a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

Each day will include:

  • A short asana practice and meditation session.

  • The introduction and explanation of the highlighted klesha/guna, including different interpretations from various sources.

  • Relevant questions to contemplate and journal on.

  • Q & A and discussion time.


This training is open to anyone interested in yoga philosophy (you do not need to be a yoga teacher!). If you are a yoga teacher, this training will count towards a 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training with Flow Yoga Studio or 25 hours of continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance.


Wednesday 4/24: 5:00-8:30pm
Thursday 4/25: 5:00-8:30pm
Friday 4/26: OFF
Saturday 4/27: 9:00am-4:30pm
Sunday 4/28: 9:00am-4:30pm (breaks will be included)
Homework will also be assigned.

Training will be held at our Flow HoHoKus studio location. Address: 22 Hollywood Avenue, Suite 4, HoHoKus, NJ 07423.

We have planned interactive sessions together incorporating lecture, asana practice, discussion, group work, journaling, reading and reflection.

$400 (or $375 Early Bird if you sign up by 4/10)

We can't wait to welcome you!

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