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Our instructors draw from many disciplines of yoga so our students are able to explore and develop a practice unique to themselves. Each one of our experienced yoga teachers brings their own distinct flavor to their classes. All contain the fierce passion for and commitment to sharing the practice of yoga with others and supporting their students' evolution and growth on (and off) the mat.

To learn more about our yoga instructors at Flow, and their personal journeys through the yoga practice, check out their profiles below.

The Team

Adina Kelman

Yoga found Adina almost 10 years ago. Unwillingly, she let a friend drag her to her first class convinced that this would be the first and last time on a yoga mat. By the end of class she was hooked.
Initially, yoga allowed Adina the strength and flexibility she needed to balance out her passion for running, but she soon discovered that this ancient practice offered more than just a physical workout.
Through the study of philosophy and pranayama, she found a healing practice that has inspired and transformed her, centered and saved her. Adina received her 200 hour training from hOMe yoga with an additional 30 hours in children’s yoga and 50 hours restorative, certifying her as a restorative yoga teacher. She is currently crafting her 300 hours at Laughing Lotus in NYC.
Adina guides students through an active asana practice, providing a well balanced physical workout that ultimately creates space for breath, centeredness, acceptance and connection.

Amber headshot.jpeg

Amber Nizza

Amber was introduced to yoga in college two decades ago but did not maintain a consistent practice.

But as time moved on, she relied on yoga more often and started on a journey to deepen her practice. She became a 200-hour certified yoga instructor and continues to learn and grow from her practice daily. As we all know, life can be joyful and challenging, and using yoga off the mat has helped Amber remain present in each moment. Over the years her personal yoga practice evolved. Amber teaches Vinyasa yoga and connects breath to movement, which has not only expanded her practice in unimaginable ways but hopefully, in turn, others as well. Amber’s playful approach to life and yoga helps her teach to different levels and make connections with others.

Ben Wisch

​​Amy Pastore

Amy’s Yoga story began after years studying fitness and martial arts. She stepped into her 1st yoga class at the gym looking for a good stretch and found that it wasn’t exactly love at first down dog. It wasn’t until she became more familiar with the asana and began to use her breath that she began to experience how profound the practice of yoga could be. “When I started linking the movement with the breath, the practice became magical. I had an aha moment and it quickly became apparent that this practice was much bigger than anything I had done in the gym. I was learning how to pause and flow, cultivating an awareness and concentration that would not only serve me on my mat but gave me the tools to act in my life off the mat in a way that was life affirming.”

Amy traded in her boxing gloves for a yoga mat, her gym membership for class packages at her favorite Yoga Studio, Yoga Synthesis and found her first and most influential teacher Raji Thron. Amy’s teaching draws from her many influences. Amy generously shares with her students what has been valuable and what has worked for her from her vast experience. Her most important message to her students, “This practice is a metaphor for life, the mat is a mirror. Each time we come to the mat, it’s an opportunity to learn something about ourselves. Everything we learn on the mat we can take and apply to life.”

​​Ben Wisch

As a multiple Grammy Award Winning Producer and Artist, Ben brings his unique blend of artistry and musicianship along with his passionate commitment to finding the gift in each day to his Yoga Classes, Workshops, and Teacher Training Programs. Formally trained in both Iyengar and Anusara Yoga, he has a strong background in classical alignment and technique and teaches from the perspective of finding optimal balance of strength and grace in the asana practice.

Ben's greatest source of inspiration comes from his ongoing curiosity about his own Dharma and exploration in the laboratory of his own life. His gift is in giving his students the safe, supportive environment to be themselves with all their faults and imperfections and to use their practice as a way to feel and heal, and to embody the realization that what they seek is already inside them; that the practice of yoga is an opportunity to be reminded of the beauty that pulses through each of us in a uniquely individual way. We practice as a community so we can remind each other what we constantly forget.



Claudia Gomez

Claudia had been exercising her whole life, but had never really considered doing yoga. She only decided to give it a try because she was looking for a good stretch. While initially drawn to the physical benefits of the practice, she quickly realized how much she felt a pull to the emotional and spiritual components of yoga.

Loving how yoga made her feel on and off the mat, she felt a desire to become a teacher and wanted to share her passion with others.

In Claudia's classes, she will guide you through an empowering Vinyasa flow with great music where her love for the physical practice will be combined with the emotional and spiritual side of yoga.

Her goal is to encourage students to adapt their practice to their own bodies and needs and have some fun!

Danielle Prayer_edited.jpg

Danielle DePiero

Danielle’s joy to share and teach yoga to others is unmeasurable. She first developed a love for yoga in 2013 after practicing with a close cousin, and over the years this love has turned into a life-changing opportunity. It has led to better health, created new and amazing friendships, and broadened her view on life. In 2018, Danielle completed her 200 hour teacher training led by Erica Stanzione. She is currently completing her 300 hour advanced teacher training certification through Flow. Danielle primarily teaches Vinyasa flow classes, focusing on the mental aspects that deliver a physical reaction. Teaching for Danielle is great way of helping others cope with this journey called “life” through its ups and downs; the mat is where it all comes together.

Outside of the studio, Danielle lives an active life chasing around her three amazing little girls, and enjoying every moment with them and her husband.

Erica Stanzione

Growing up as an athlete, Erica has always felt a strong connection to physical movement. It wasn’t until her early-twenties that she desired a stronger connection to her emotional self, and a deeper sense of fulfillment within that movement. Since 2003, she has been a devoted yoga student practicing and studying all over the world which led her to completing extensive certifications both here in the States and at the source with two pilgrimages to India. Erica guides public classes and a private clientele in Manhattan and New Jersey as well as hosts wellness retreats both domestically and internationally. She has also taken her passions for fostering community and mindful movement, and created a Yoga Alliance certified 200-Hour Teacher Training curriculum where she’s led and graduated seventy trainees as of 2023. 

The intention behind Erica's classes, workshops, getaways, and trainings are to create a safe space for brave self-explorations while her students step further into their power, truth, confidence, mental and physical strength, spiritual relationship, and emotional intelligence. Yoga has deeply transformed, healed, and elevated every aspect of Erica’s life, and she is eternally grateful to be able to share that magic with every yogi that she is blessed to cross paths with.

Andrew Hoffman

Eve St. John

Eve St John has been an inspirational figure in the fitness field for almost 30 years. She has concentrated the last 15-plus years on different styles of yoga. Eve is a nationally certified yoga instructor through the Yoga Alliance, and is also certified in several different disciplines of fitness. She has over 10,000 hours of yoga teaching experience.

Eve has been published in several magazines for her unique motivational workouts. She has produced and directed fitness videos, and Elle magazine included her on their “It List”. Eve has also been an ambassador for Lululemon.  She has appeared on TV shows and podcasts for her gratitude practice and inspirational yoga classes.

Eve teaches an ashtanga based Vinyasa flow, that empowers not just the body but the mind. Her music (she spends hours customizing play lists for her classes!) includes inspiring themes, and her creative vinyasa flows are traditional with some modern twists. Eve’s classes can challenge the most elite athlete yet never intimidate a beginner.

Eve is also the President of Eve St. John LLC where she designs inspirational products for everyone, to ignite their spirits and help them achieve their goals and dreams. Her designs are made with you in mind to empower and make you sparkle and shine a bit brighter wherever you are.

Eve believes that “We all need a reminder” to help realize how amazing we are. She reminds her students in each class how their uniqueness and their story makes them perfect and one of a kind.

Jeannie Podest_edited.jpg

Jeannie Podest

Jeannie’s journey to her yoga mat began many years ago, mainly as a compliment to running, spin classes and cross training for the countless triathlon and athletic events that she was always preparing for. Over time, she learned that practicing yoga was so much more than the physical, and began to experience the spiritual, mental and emotional benefits of the practice as well. After visiting and practicing at various yoga studios in the NY/NJ area, she found what she had been looking for at Flow Yoga in Ho-Ho-Kus and began to dive deeper into the principles of yoga and the various types of classes that were offered. She had no idea that her renewed commitment to her practice would become as transformative it has been and would change her life forever.


Jeannie completed her 200 hour teacher training at Flow Yoga under the professional and loving guidance of Erica Stanzione and immediately began teaching. She also holds her Yoga Alliance certification and her main objective when inviting anyone into her class, is to let each student know, that wherever they are in their practice, is absolutely perfect. Whether you are new or are a seasoned yogi, regardless of age, gender, experience or background, all you need when come on to your mat is your breath and an open heart. If there is one thing that Jeannie would like to offer to her students, it would be the invitation to accept yourself exactly where you are in life and to stay open to all of the possibilities that yoga can offer. She is endlessly grateful to her family and close friends who have lovingly supported her on her path to teaching yoga and looks forward to sharing this beautiful practice with all future students.


Jessica Miller

Jessica is a 200-hour certified Vinyasa teacher and also completed her Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Karma Kids Yoga in NYC. While initially drawn to the physical benefits of the practice, she quickly realized the importance of exercising the mind with the body. Jessica’s adult teaching style embraces the physical, emotional, and spiritual components of yoga that are attainable for beginners to advanced yogis. In her class you can expect a well-balanced sequence, guided meditation, strong hands-on assists, great music, and an overall sense of calmness. She strives to deliver an emotionally stimulating, thought provoking, and physically challenging class so that her students leave feeling replenished in the mind, body, and soul.

When she’s not teaching yoga, Jessica works as an elementary school teacher and understands the importance of finding inner peace and stillness in chaotic and unpredictable situations. Her goal in teaching kids yoga is to expand opportunities for children to grow and learn yoga in a fun and nurturing environment. Her experience teaching children blended with her passion for yoga creates classes that inspire confidence, relax the body and spark the imagination. Jessica is compassionate about healing her students through the gift of yoga as it has helped to heal her. She is eternally grateful to her beautiful teacher and mentor Erica Stanzione.

Andrew Dolgin

Josh Ehlin

Josh started his yoga journey when his wife asked him to come to a hot yoga class, saying “You’ll love it.”  With some trepidation, he attended his first class.  He was instantly hooked, from the moment he started the class in a peaceful Savasana, a powerful flow, and ending in a sweet and sweaty Savasana.   Loving how yoga made him feel, both on and off the mat, he wanted to be able to share his heart for yoga by teaching.  Josh took his 200 hour YTT certification with Ben Wisch.  With the support of his family, friends, and classmates he finished his training, diving right in to sharing the gift of yoga throughout the community. Josh leads a powerful flow with emphasis on the developing a strong foundation and core strength. 


Leslie Moscou Corren

Leslie’s yoga journey began over a decade ago. When she first stepped on the mat, she had no idea how transformative the journey would be. She completed her first 200-hour teacher training at Strala Yoga in NYC. She did an additional 200-hour teacher training at hOMe Yoga in Mahwah, NJ. Most recently, she completed her 500-hour with Jody Domerstad in Lyndhurst, NJ. 

Leslie’s classes focus on strength and grace while working with the breath and quieting the mind. She seeks to unite the body, mind and soul in each class. Leslie teaches an energetic and inspiring Vinyasa flow from the heart and  loves to weave the yoga philosophy throughout the class.

Leslie credits yoga for helping to transform her life. She is passionate about sharing the teachings and benefits of yoga. She strongly believes that yoga is a metaphor for life and once you commit to a dedicated practice, it has the ability to help transform us to the highest version of ourselves.

Always a student, Leslie has also studied Reiki and World Religions and Philosophies and became ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 2008. Leslie is incredibly grateful for all she has learned from her teachers along the way, and has so much love and gratitude for her family’s love, support and patience.


Melinda Neri

Melinda began her yoga journey in 2012 when she attended her first class at the Orange County YMCA in Monroe, New York. As an avid runner at the time, Melinda thought yoga was all about stretching and decided to take a class to compliment her training. What she was not expecting was the sense of freedom she experienced while flowing on her mat. She realized she opened the door to something very special and was guided to the class for a reason. There was an immediate connection to the practice as she felt her anxiety and depression melt away with every deep and transformative breath. Yoga became a safe space for her to break open, let go, and clear a pathway for healing to discover her inner light. As she continued on this pathway, Melinda knew she wanted to share this magical practice of healing and self-discovery with others.

Melinda completed her 200 RYT certification at Sol Full Yoga in May 2018 and completed a hands-on-assists mentorship with the inspirational Erica Stanzione in February 2020. Always a student, Melinda continues to seek opportunities to learn and evolve as a teacher. Her classes are designed with the intention to root you in the present moment through linking breath and movement. Expect a strong and creative sequence for all levels with lots opportunities to grow and deepen the connection to your true self. Melinda is forever grateful for the practice of yoga and all of its life-long lessons. She lives in Suffern, NY with her husband, Matt, and fur babies, Chewy and Sasha.

Sara Side Crow_edited.jpg

Rachel Jo Prosnitz

Rachel has always believed in healing through movement. Growing up as a competitive figure skater and ballerina, Rachel found movement to be the outlet she needed to express everything she felt-and she has always felt so deeply. Through Yoga Rachel found the beauty and the blessing of intuitive and mindful movement, and her life has been forever changed.


Rachel's classes focus on strengthening and stretching the body as well as the mind to find, nurture and embrace the power we all have inside of us.


Rachel loves that she has the ability to share her passion and love for yoga with each and every one of her students. It is so beautiful to be a part of people breaking open, learning about themselves and participating in this very sacred and profound act of self care.

Rachel Vassak

Rachel finds that yoga is a powerful tool to tackle daily stresses and transitions in life. After developing her practice at a handful of studios in New York City, Rachel completed her yoga teacher training (RYT 200) in 2009 with Jhon Tamayo at Atmananda Yoga Sequence. She went on to complete her advanced Yoga Teacher certification (RYT 500) at Laughing Lotus Studio in New York City, with immersions in Restorative Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yin Yoga & Essential Oils, Yoga Nidra, Inversions and Creative Sequencing.

In addition to her yoga study/teaching, Rachel has a BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Marketing from Columbia University. She spent over 10 years in the corporate world before deciding to follow her passion and become owner and director of Flow Yoga Studio.

She primarily teaches Vinyasa flow with an emphasis on alignment, linking breath to movement, and gracefully transitioning between poses. She brings creativity to each class with the goal of making her sequences both playful and challenging - tailored for all levels. Rachel aims to make her students feel strong, supported and joyful!

Rachel currently lives in Ridgewood, New Jersey, with her husband and three energetic, yoga-loving daughters.

Sara Pagluica

Sara found yoga about 8 years ago as part of an at-home exercise program. After loving the Yoga days in the program, she started to cultivate a strong home practice. After a couple years she found Flow Yoga Studios and deepened her practice even further. Inspired by a love for yoga and the desire to help people with their practices, she completed her 200-hour teacher certification. Sara is currently working towards her 500-hour advanced teacher certification. As a yoga teacher, Sara aims to keep her students safe while helping them build strength and flexibility of both body and mind.

Shari heart headshot_edited.jpg

Shari Becker, Ph.D.

Dr. Shari Becker has been a clinical psychologist since 1998.  After taking a “leap of faith” to leave a New York City corporate law firm to obtain her doctoral degree, Shari established her private psychotherapy practice in Ridgewood, NJ. 


Shari takes an integrative approach to psychotherapy, incorporating techniques and strategies from various modalities, including Positive Psychology, Intuitive Eating and Somatic Experiencing. As a seasoned yoga practitioner and certified yoga instructor, Shari weaves the teachings of yoga and the principles of mindfulness into her clinical work with patients.


Shari teaches a weekly class in mindfulness-based gentle yoga designed for all levels to provide the therapeutic benefits of yoga without the physical demands.  She is also certified as a meditation teacher and teaches weekly classes in mindfulness meditation and breathing.


Whether she is in her role of psychologist, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, writer or speaker, Shari’s intention is to support others in maximizing awareness of their inner experience and expanding their capacity to safely feel a full range of human emotion. She believes that when individuals deepen their awareness of embodied experience in the present moment, they are best able to make choices leading to the fullest potential for living a healthy, satisfying and happy lifestyle.

Sue Coley pic_edited.jpg

Sue Coley

“Every breath and every step can be nourishing and healing”, Thich Nhat Hanh.
Sue shares the passion and desire to give back through yoga, as yoga has surely helped heal her. The focus of the breath, the mind, the soul, creating the calm through movements within the body. Out of a desire to give back all of the healing benefits of mind, body and soul that Sue feels yoga is truly about, she decided to begin a new chapter of her life as a yoga instructor in 2011. With various trainings, Sue successfully completed 500 E-RYT. Her teaching abilities enable her to guide and adjust her students in a deeper, nurturing, healing practice. Sue’s personal, diversified, daily yoga practice has been key in leading her to her present level of teaching ability. You will find her classes challenging, deeply guided, meditative and invigorating.


Outside of yoga, Sue lives in a quiet New York suburb. Hiking and other outdoor adventures – like kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing – truly give her pleasure, although she also feels that the simplicity of a book, and the tranquility of the beach, the soft sound of the waves crashing on the shore are completely satisfying, as well.

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