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The Lounge

In a studio where community is at the very core of our DNA, the lounge space is an integral part of our studio as it is THE gathering space, and sets the tone for the overall vibe at Flow. We invite you to come early and relax as you wait for class, browse our boutique, or help yourself to a refrigerated eucalyptus towel after a sweaty practice to soak up some post-yoga bliss with your fellow yogis.  The sophisticated color palettes of subtle and earthy tones provide a soothing backdrop against the bamboo floors, featured artwork, and a relaxing soundtrack.


Bhakti Studio ⎪Studio 1

Bhakti in Sanskrit translates to “devotion” or “being a part of”, which seemed more than fitting for our largest and most popular studio room, where we host our devoted community with weekly classes, special events, and workshops. Encompassing 1,700 square feet, this studio is also home to our custom-designed, green efficient heating system (where the temperature is set to approximately 85-90 degrees, along with a touch of humidity, resulting in total body detoxification).

Unique to this room is a beautiful tree mural painted by our very own Flow instructor, Sarah Brey, that spans across the ceiling and represents the growth that is parallel to the constant evolution of both the yoga practice and our community. The serenity of the bamboo flooring, earth-tone walls, tray ceiling lighting that illuminates the practice space, and state-of-the-art sound system create the yogi’s dream practice space.

Ganesha Studio ⎪Studio 2

Our Ganesha studio is a light, bright airy studio where we hold many of our non-heated classes, kids classes, pre-natal yoga and teacher trainings.

You'll find that the energy in this space is both inspiring and comforting. The ideal place to explore your yoga or meditation practice.


The Lounge

An expansive, welcoming space where our yogis are encouraged to relax before or after class. We've chosen a soothing color palette to ease in your relaxation. When you step into Flow, you'll feel immediately at ease. Leave all stress and tension at the door...

The Om symbol on the wall is a sign of union, and honors each yogi who walks through the door.


Mahwah Studio lounge color2.jpg
Mahwah studio 1 color.jpg
Shanti Studio ⎪Studio 1

Shanti means peace in Sanskrit. Our owner believes that through creating a welcoming community of yogis, we can all find peace together in a world that many times feels full of chaos. 


This spacious room hosts beautiful classes bringing yogis of all levels and walks of life together. We heat the studio to approximately 90 degrees, along with a touch of humidity, aiding in opening and detoxifying the body.

The unique mural on the wall is reminiscent of the tree we have on the ceiling of our Bhakti studio in HoHoKus. It reminds us to keep our roots strong as we reach for the sky on the mat and throughout life.

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