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Some of the incredible mind-body benefits to expect from developing a regular yoga practice below.....the benefits from a regualr yoga practice are many and well documented.... 
Benefits of yoga

• Increase in strength and muscle tone (especially core!)
• Energizing
• Improved focus
• Improved endurance
• Improvement in balance
• Weight loss
• New perspectives
• Increased confidence

Benefits for Inversion Flow or Flight and Flow

• Increased strength
• Improved flexibility
• Improved endurance
• Increased energy
• Weight loss
• Improved focus
• Reduced stress
• Improved sleep
• Improved posture
• Reduced back pain
• Increased confidence
• Improvement in relationships

Benefits for Non-Heated Vinyasa Flow
yoga weight loss

• Promotes deep relaxation
• A restored body and mind to rested and relaxed state
• Reduced stress
• Increased flexibility
• Released tension in the muscles

• Detoxifying (heat allows for the flushing of toxins from the body)
• Enhanced flexibility
• Re-energizes the body
• Assisted injury recovery
• Improved digestion
• Reduced back pain
• Reduced stress
• Improved endurance
• Increased metabolism
• Greater range of motion in joints and ligaments

Benefits for Heated and Warm Classes

yoga flexible

Benefits for Restorative Yoga

yoga for back pain
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