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​​Eve St. John

Andrew Hoffman

Eve has been in the field of fitness for over 20 years.  She is certified in Yoga, Personal Training, Polestar, Weight Training, Core Training and Resist A Ball.  Eve holds many inspirational workshops, meditation classes, life coaching for many of my personal clients that are top executives and CEO'S.  She has created Eve St. John's Power Cardio Yoga and produced, Eve St. John Fitness DVDs ,that sell at lulu lemon, Borders, Bookends, and many specialty shops as well as her website.  Eve is a Lululemon ambassador at Garden State Plaza..  She is the founder, and  President of Eve St. John L.L.C. She has inspired thousands though her workshops, classes and retreats.  Eve's mission now is to inspire millions not just through her classes but through her line of inspirational uplifting jewelry designs and coaching classes. Eve's mission is to bring great energy and spread light, built confidence, strength, and help you reach your fitness and mental well being.


Eve has B.B.A from Baruch College of NYC  where they have given her an honorary recognition for being a "Fitness Dynamo." 
She is certified through AAAISMA ( American Aerobic Association International Sports Medical Association) Hatha Yoga, Personal Training, Tai Chi and Polestar - Pilates
Meditation and Spiritual, Inspirational  Teachers and  Education are through Echart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay.

Eve's Barre Fusion Class


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