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Ben Wisch

​​Ben Wisch

As a multiple Grammy Award Winning Producer and Artist, Ben brings his unique blend of artistry and musicianship along with his passionate commitment to finding the gift in each day to his Yoga Classes, Workshops, and Teacher Training Programs. Formally trained in both Iyengar and Anusara Yoga, he has a strong background in classical alignment and technique and teaches from the perspective of finding optimal balance of strength and grace in the asana practice.

Ben's greatest source of inspiration comes from his ongoing curiosity about his own Dharma and exploration in the laboratory of his own life. His gift is in giving his students the safe, supportive environment to be themselves with all their faults and imperfections and to use their practice as a way to feel and heal, and to embody the realization that what they seek is already inside them; that the practice of yoga is an opportunity to be reminded of the beauty that pulses through each of us in a uniquely individual way. We practice as a community so we can remind each other what we constantly forget.


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