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Jody Domerstad

Jody Domerstad is a seasoned yoga educator sharing aspects of her yoga experience through movement, story, and wisdom.  She feels strongly, as an echo of her own healing practice, that no one should suffer. Jody has experienced some of this life’s more serious threats, and has a firm understanding of how yoga – breath, asana, meditation, discipline, - can help to navigate those challenges.


She began discovering –through her body- by teaching fitness classes at age 16. From then on her life was about investigating, experimenting and fine-tuning the use of the body, nutrition, and other aspects of wellness, including the inner workings of the brain (See Neurosculpting® Website). At age 25, after having studied exercise science and physical education in college, Jody opened her first yoga studio.  And now, after almost 20 years, including over 10,000 hours of training, and teaching Jody is a specialist.


With masterful knowledge of alignment, a keen eye for detail, and laser precision with how to deliver cues to take students to a peak asana practice, Jody’s asana students and fellow teachers alike have deemed her “the teacher of teachers.” Jody’s yoga path includes a 500 ERYT, studying with best of the best teacher’s in an impressive array of specialty yoga, over a decade of study of alignment-based hatha, and so much more (Inner Light Method, Neurosculpting®, SourcePoint Therapy).


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