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​Jason Zagaro

Jason Zagaro

Jason has been studying the Yoga tradition and philosophy for over eighteen years. Yoga has been the most wonderful experience that he has ever come across in his lifetime. Starting his training in 1995 studying Ashtanga Yoga at the college that he attended, he later began to study and practice various forms of Hatha Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Integral Yoga and decided to become certified in Sivananda Yoga from the Sivananda Yoga ashram in the Bahamas and received his 500 hour yoga certification in March 2013 from Dharma Mittra, and is currently a 500 hour ERYT.

Jason has been teaching Yoga for over nine years now and feels himself growing more and more as a teacher from each class he instructs. Traveling throughout the country has provided Jason with the ability to teach Yoga in Colorado, St. Louis, Chicago, New York and New Jersey. Jason’s yoga journey has also led him to living in the Yogaville ashram for many months deepening his practice, and helping him bring the philosophy of Yoga to all of his students.


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