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Jane Anne Banrya

Jane Anne Banyra's love for yoga came to her during a visit back to her former Southern California home when a friend invited her to take a vinyasa yoga class. She found something on her mat that day that changed her life forever. Between a physical practice she had not yet experienced, a guided meditation, and her first inversion; everything that mattered to her, every untruth she had been silently speaking to herself, and every part of her carefree being that she had forgotten came to surface. A passion came to her that grew into a vision of teaching what she had experienced. Jane Anne believes in the importance of a strong physical practice in order to break through habitual internal habits with the balance of a meditative mind and a contemplative spirit. 

Jane Anne took her 200 hour yoga teacher training at One Love Hot Yoga in 2013 under the teaching of Kim Crotty and Brenda Blanco.  Her yoga career has had the same tremendous passion without waiver since that pivotal class. Jane Anne is known for her strong and creative vinyasa sequencing, her love for core work and her hands on teaching style. She continually changes things up and loves to incorporate her adoration for music and its place in helping create an upbeat, energetic practice balanced for every level. When Jane Anne is not teaching or practicing she's usually studying yoga, making music mixes, or working out... all in between her tear-wiping, shuttle-driving, love-centered life as a mother of four young children. 


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