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Kass Visokey

Kass Visokey is a two 200 hour registered yoga teacher. She is a licensed Physical therapist and graduated from Quinnipiac University in 1996. She received her first training from Hot Yoga of NJ, now Fireshaper in 2011. Her second training was in 2013 with Jody Domerstad at Garden State Yoga, now Powerflow Yoga. Kass creates a Vinyasa flow class that is welcoming to beginners and challenging for more seasoned practitioners. She uses her extensive background of the human body to provide for a deeper, more mindful self-awareness allowing you to understand and connect to your breath, your body and your mind. She instructs students with intelligent alignment cues to safely create, to sustain and to resolve the poses while encouraging you to be playful and to always listen to the inner voice in your heart.


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