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Trella Dolgin

Denise Egan

From Denise:  Yoga and I fell madly in love over 10 years ago. I spent the first years searching and scratching around until I found My true teacher, Sheryl Edsall. I became a certified teacher with Sheryl and  I have continued my studies with other American yoga treasures such as  Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Baron Baptist, John Friend, Sharon Gannon ,Dana Flynn and Ali Cramer.

Yoga has and still does:

  • ground me so I can fly

  • notice patterns so I can make connections,

  • check in so I don’t check out, move, so I can stay still


As in life my yoga keeps evolving My style is vinyasa, which means to place in a special way. Classes are informative, purposeful, powerful, playful and inspirational.


I blend ancient eastern yogic philosophies with current wisdom so the modern student can connect.

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