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Jen Kraft

Jen used to be a workout junkie chasing the “ideal body” that only exists on photoshopped, airbrushed magazine covers. She spent her  20's and 30's in the gym and pounding the cement, lifting the heavy weights, running miles and miles, spinning, spinning, and more spinning.   After her 3rd knee surgery at the age of 39,  she knew she had to steer away from the high impact exercise.  Desperate for that addictive endorphin rush,  she wandered into a hot yoga class seeking a sweaty, safe workout and nothing else. But before long, the yoga philosophy began to sink in…life changing ideas that thoughts become things, that our lives are unfolding as they should, and that our bodies are gifts that should be respected, not tortured and starved.  


Through yoga, Jen is discovering the magic of the mind body connection and is developing a more positive outlook overall.  Eager to share with others, she received her 200 hr teacher certification with Ben Wisch at FLOW YOGA in 2013.  In her class you can expect a strong flow,  attention to alignment and injury prevention, an eclectic playlist (from pop to 80’s to Pink Floyd), and an emphasis on learning to love our bodies and our lives, exactly as they are.


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