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This workshop is a union of Amy's specialties, Ayurveda and Yoga. In Sanskrit, Ayur means life and Veda means knowledge. Ayurveda is rooted in the idea that the 5 elements – ether, air, fire, water, earth – are found within everything in the Universe, including all of us. The degree to which each element is present creates our Ayurvedic constitution. Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences from ancient India that complement and enhance one another when practiced in tandem. Learn specific dietary, lifestyle and yogic practices that will prepare you to enter into the fall/winter season by boosting your immunity, balancing your energy body, and soothe your complexion and disposition.


The first half of this workshop will be an introduction to Ayurveda. Amy will present practices that can be immediately applied to your daily routine. Students will also be given a specific recipe for an optional 3 to 10 day Ayurvedic kichari cleanse. In the second half of workshop, Amy will guide an Ayurvedic Yoga practice that will include Pranayama and Asana specifically designed to cleanse, protect and warm the body, mind and heart for the upcoming seasons.


Amy Pastore is an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist with a certification through the Kripalu school of Ayurveda. She has over 3,000 hours of yoga studies in a multitude of styles. Amy is the creator of iflow Yoga®, a special blend of her many years of yoga study and teaching. She teaches workshops and teacher trainings in the U.S. and internationally. For more information


Date: Sunday, 11/10/2013, 12:00 - 3:00 pm

Cost: $50


22 Hollywood Avenue, Suite 4 | Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423

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